Vol. 303 – Dressed Up and Stripped Down Vol. 3 Sept, 2007

The States, ArtOpus, The Callen Sisters and Beth Hirsch get dressed up and stripped down with an album cut and a song recorded live, one take in Next Big Hit’s Times Square studio. There are also full songs from Barcelona, Michael Makai, Edition, Jake Niemi, Danny Ferraro, The Techno Squirrels and Darren Hayes.



Here are all the artists on Vol. 303

Dressed up and Stripped Down.

The States


Songs Played: A Side – Checkout (Dressed) & CCTV (Stripped)

B Side – CCTV (Dressed), Charm Offensive, Be Good Tonight & New Land (Stripped)

 The States were formed by Chris Snyder (vocals and guitar) and Previn Warren (bass) in 2002 and solidified their lineup with the addition of Joe Stroll (drums) in 2004. In June 2004 The States won Buzzplay.com’s national “Best Unsigned Band Competition” out of a field of several hundred bands. In 2006, they self-released their debut album “Multiply Not Divide.” More recently, they won Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Session I, and completed their second full length album, “The Path of Least Resistance.” The States are always on tour. For a more complete biography, please see our Official Website.



Songs Played: A Side – Be With You (Dressed up) and Gimme Time (Stripped Down)

B Side – Spain (Dressed Up) and Side by Side, Freedom Without Tears and Be With You (Stripped Down)

 Co-songwriters Anna Fleshler & Johnny Fkiaras met in 2005 and discovered their mutual love of writing music together. Johnny’s grunge-rock past combined with Anna’s appreciation for the new and bizarre appear to complement each other in such a way that it’s impossible to know what they’ll do next. The name ArtOpus was inspired by the group’s appreciation of art in its many forms and the very remarkable and resourceful orthropod, the octopus. Just as the octopus is able to reach for what it wants with eight arms so do we expand ourselves to draw from life and the experiences around us and present it back in a new form to our fans. Collaborating with Producer, Michael Gilboe of NextBigHit Productions & BroadwayBullet.com, in early 2007 has pushed the project to the next level by fully producing our best songs and compiling them into an album due in February 08. So far the duo is very excited about the sound and quality of the tracks and wanted to share the process with their audience because “when people understand what goes into a finished track they will appreciate the music they listen to even more.” With much thanks to the great musicianship provided by Joe Deninzon (violin), David Acker (electric guitar), Toshio Mana (bass), & Chaim Tolwin (drums). ::NOTE:: The tracks on this site are preliminary mixes “we hope that you download them to enjoy wherever you are.” Look out for new and updated content WEEKLY as we count down to our album release in FEBRUARY 08!!

The Callen Sisters


Songs Played – A-Side – Anomie (Dressed Up) and Life (Stripped Down)

B-Side – Life (Dressed Up) and Lullabye, Tangled Up, Like You (Stripped Down)

Jessa and Beth Callen make up this singer-songwriter  duo, an act that demands your attention from first sight. With a harp and guitar at the forefront, as well as twin-like looks, these sisters immediately grab the eye as well as the ear. Their lyrics are at once poetic & biting, sweet & reflective and are supported by haunting vocal melodies and harmonies. The expressive songs speak of the raw honesty of two young women tackling the tumultuous path life has dealt them. Compared to such artists as Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, their music possesses a sultry flare with hints of pop and alternative rock. The sisters began their musical voyage at a young age and started composing and performing together in their pre-teens. Both have studied music at the university level and have received Bachelors of Music in Studio Composition. They are currently recording their debut album.

Beth Hirsch


Songs Played – A-Side – How Far You’ll Go (Dressed Up) and Love Will Come Again (Stripped Down)

B-Side – Love Will Come Again (Dressed Up) and All Together, Here’s the Love, Something to Tell (Stripped Down)

 NEW WHOLEHEARTED REVIEW by L. ANNE CARRINGTON Wednesday, July 11, 2007 CD Review: Wholehearted, by Beth Hirsch Category: Music Indie Music Stop Helium By Staff Writer L. Anne Carrington Who knew modern jazz could sound this incredible; for any jazz fan out there, I would highly recommend that you give the latest release by Beth Hirsch, Wholehearted, and a listen. Even those not into her genre of music will be vastly impressed. An inspiring mix of Joni Mitchell and Julia Fordham, the songs featured on Wholehearted have a lasting summery feel, especially the title track. While the theme of the entire CD is relaxed, there is also a touch of feistiness (“I’m a lunatic in love”). And how can one NOT fall in love with this CD and the music that is presented on it? This album is laid back, with beautiful, subtle and clever melodies. Hirsch is certainly a talented singer who succeeds at what she puts out onto the market, and of course, she does not fail to be just as stellar on this album. For those familiar with the French band Air, she is the lovely voice on the tracks of their songs “All I Need” and “You Make It Easy.” With the right songs and producers, Hirsch proves she can give some mainstream artists a run for their money, with captivating beats and sweet melodies that makes this CD a must-have, whether it is to add to a jazz music collection or to give a basic collection of music a spice of variety. The tracks on Wholehearted express a love for music. Beautifully arranged and optimistic lyrics are set to music with a slightly sentimental sound; it’s a CD that can be enjoyable to the entire family. And on this particular album, her music, delivery and voice are captivating and energizing; the lyrics have incredible depth and insight. With this winning combination, it is immaculately executed, a thoroughly refreshing experience, and establishes Hirsch as a unique artist. If you are expecting the sound-alike tunes of modern day music, then this album wouldn’t fit into your music library at all, but if you are looking for a voice and lyrics to find your inner self–then you have come to the right place. After basking in the brilliance of Wholehearted, I had also taken the liberty of listening to her previous works, and I am certainly glad I did. The works of Beth Hirsch are a great find that is no doubt a talent that deserves to be internationally recognized.

Other Artists on this episode

Barcelona – It’s About Time


Michael Makai -Get You Off


Edition – Fadeout


Techno Squirrels – Love Comes First


Jake Niemi – Every Time You Go


Danny Ferraro – You Don’t Know


Darren Hayes – On the Verge of Somethins


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