Vol 301 – Dressed Up and Stripped Down – June 2007

EdibleRed, Marco Mahler, Emiko and The Selmanaires, get Dressed Up and Stripped Down with an interview, album cut and live performances from each.



Here are all the artists on Vol. 301 B-Side

Dressed up and Stripped Down.

Edible Red


A-Side Songs: Sugar and Spring (Dressed) Rectify (Stripped)

B-Side Songs: Paralyzed (Stripped) At Hello (Dressed) Sugar and Spring (Stripped) Naked in Ohio (Stripped)

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Now Serving… Led by firecracker front woman Collette McLafferty, edibleRed is an eclectic New York City-based five-piece collective of atypical musicians. The memorable songs the band creates can be heard on their debut CD, Welcome to My Bad Behavior, slated for release in late May, 2007 on veteran indie label Select Records. Featured lyricist McLafferty is edibleRed’s femme-fatale who describes her sound as one of “a classically trained voice that slowly degenerated into a rock singer’s.” It is fitting that having once performed for Jeff Buckley “before realizing who he was,” she blends songwriting skills like Buckley’s with the style and panache of Debbie Harry and a rich voice a la Tracy Bonham. Alongside McLafferty is edibleRed co-founding member, the Grammy nominated drummer Tom Papadatos. edibleRed is masterfully supported by the so-tasty-they-must-be-bad-for-you licks of cellist Dave Eggar. Known to some for his groundbreaking classical string quartet Flux, Eggar has toured extensively with some of rock’s hottest acts. From an acoustic European tour with Evanescence, to performing with the Who at Carnegie Hall, to playing on recordings by artists as diverse as

 Breaking Benjamin and Nelly Furtado, Eggar is the prima fixe of edibleRed’s menu. Lead guitarist Sean McMechen brings edibleRed’s hard rock roots to the surface. After years performing in metal bands, McMechen graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and guitar from Jersey City College, and then continued his guitar study at Parsons College in Manhattan. The tight, crunchy rhythm section makes mouths water thanks to the delectable skills of bassist Marty Osterer and drummer Tom Papadatos. Osterer already has one #1 single under his belt – as the session bassist for Murder Inc. Records, he was featured on the Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule smash “I’m Real.” He has also laid down bass lines for LL Cool J and Kelly Price. Papadatos graduated with a performance degree from Berkelee College of Music in Boston and played with classical crossover artist Sasha Lazard at the CD release party for her recent “Myth of Red.” Recently, Papadatos toured Indonesia and Singapore with New York blues guitarist Hugh Pool. Aside from being one of the most talked about bands in the tri-state area, edibleRed has been cultivating a diehard national following, and planting seeds internationally thanks to non-stop touring, and radio and TV appearances on FUSE TV’s IMX and Brooklyn Radio Online. McLafferty was featured on an episode of FUSE’s “Tattoo Stories,” and The Style Network’s “Split Ends” where she got a brand new coif from the scissors

of a hot Los Angeles stylist. In February 2007, members of edibleRed were special guests on an episode of the Dr. Keith Ablow show where psychic twins predicted their imminent success. edibleRed’s songs have been included on the Oxygen Network’s “Good Girls Don’t,” and most recently the band’s lead single “Sugar and Spring” was featured in an episode of Showtime’s “The L Word.” Their music can also be heard on KROCK2’s “Domestic Disturbance.” Bring all these ingredients together and you have a psychedelic rock recipe sure to satisfy any appetite.

The Selmanaires


A-Side Songs: Selmanaire Rock (Dressed) Long Road (Stripped)

B-Side Songs: Standing in Line at an Elevator (Stripped) In the Direction of Yes (Dressed) Selmanaires Rock (Stripped)

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 Twin brothers Herb and Jason Harris met Tommy Chung in Atlanta in 2000. The first house they practiced in together was at 73 Selman Street in Reynoldstown, hence, the name of the band. In the summer of 2003, they played their first set of original material at a house show in Grant Park (Herb and Jason’s house) under the name the Selmanaires.

The initial Selmanaire sound was subtle, soft, and exotic. The first few shows featured Herb on acoustic guitar, Tommy on stand-up bass, and Jason on Wurlitzer electric piano, drums, bongos and various other percussive instruments. All three sang. After a series of quiet shows in Atlanta dives, the Selmanaires simplified and amplified the set-up (electric guitar, electric bass, and drum kit, with all three still singing). The response was noticeably different. In January 2007, multi-instrumentalist Mathis Hunter (Noot d’ Noot, Good Friday Experiment, Quadiliacha) joined the band.

What started off as a more ambitious, exotic, and soft sound has evolved into a dancier, more-potent-but-still-spacious rock sound. The Selmanaires still play acoustic sets from time to time at weddings (seriously) and at various art functions.

“Standing in Line at an Elevator” (seven-inch single off of Rob’s House Records) is available for purchase at www.robshouserecords.com



A-Side Songs: Emergency Man (Dressed) Wish You Were Here (Stripped)

B-Side Songs: Have Mercy (Stripped) Lay (Dressed) Big Black Cloud (Stripped) Stuck in Neverland (Stripped)

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 Indulging a rare breed of rock nroll of the biggest kind, Emiko is a sensitive and introspective songwriter. Notwithstanding, this girl lives up to the rock legends as a trailblazer who sings, plays keys, takes her own solos, and is unafraid to say what others only dare to think. Having played piano since she was two and half, Emiko has transformed from classical pianist prodigy to rock and roll starlet. Her latest release, Here Lies Tinkerbell (OA Entertainment) features both mature, musical expertise along with an adventurous, rock esthetic through wails on the B3 organ, funky licks on the clav, Wurly solos, and melodic whirls that Beethoven would drool over . Emikos intense, bold lyrics investigate and lament over love, heartbreak, frustration and fear in ways that make her listeners not only move and groove to the music, but also react and relate on a much deeper emotional level. After signing on as an artist for the AAHP (Artist Against Hunger & Poverty) campaign for World Hunger Year, founded by the late Harry Chapin, Emiko hit the road January 2006 in Canada to return home from Europe in May. As part of AAHP, Emiko is the only unsigned artist touring on an international level under the same banner with such superstars as Bruce Springsteen, Michael McDonald, Aerosmith, etc. Look out because legendary guitarist Steve Lukather has agreed to play on her next album to be released this summer (produced by Stuart Ridgway and may be Executive Produced by Phil Ramone). When Emiko is not on tour and finalizing preparations for her new album, she directs the Asian American Music Industry Association. AAMIA, founded by the starlet herself in 2005, is an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between Asia and the Western World in todays popular music industry. –Emiko: (according to MTV) – ” incredible live!!!! She totally sucks you in!” –Emiko: (according to CDbaby.com) – “A wild, interactive, and honest experience. Hyper and in-your-face as much as she is understated and haunting, Emiko’s sound is big enough to fill an arena even when she is just whispering in your ear.”

Marco Mahler


A-Side Songs: 1′s and 0′s (Dressed) Orange Chinese Car (Stripped)

B-Side Songs: Design in Quick Rotation (Stripped) Orange Chinese Car (Dressed) Think Tank (Stripped) Study Airports (Stripped)

Sample Image

I was born in Chicago and moved to New York City when I was 20. My music has been featured on the New York Times’ radio station and countless times in the New York subway.

About the new album (Official press release):

June 7, 2007 sees the release of Design In Quick Rotation, a debut full-length that evokes the warmth of a Sunday morning and recalls the nuance of The Velvet Underground song of the same name. Self-recorded in a log home in the Blue Ridge Mountains while Marco was working as a carpenter, the album was inspired by the contrast of frenzied city-life and wide-open space. Like the carpentry that afforded its production, the record has to do with taking various components and putting them together: it’s craftsmanship, and it’s beautiful.

 Throughout the record, you can hear the influence of such artists and bands as Stephen Malkmus, Belle and Sebastian and Bert Jansch; but Design is by no means derivative. In truth, Marco was influenced as much by Outkast’s Hip Hop as by Bob Dylan’s folk. As a result, there’s a personal tenderness and a strong focus and clarity about the whole thing – from the sparse, imagistic lyrics of the opening title track to the brooding progression of the final instrumental, “Go Crocodile” (which features, quite playfully, the sounds of a crocodile-shaped xylophone).

Marco’s work has gotten airplay on The New York Times’ radio station, WQXR, and earned praise from members of Pavement and The Silver Jews, as well as from Allen Ginsberg. Now that it’s available to everyone via his site (as well as iTunes and nearly every other online music source within the month of June) more acclaim is sure to follow.

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